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Technical college system advances targeted biennial budget proposal

September 11, 2014 | Conor Smyth

FENNIMORE – The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Board unanimously approved a targeted $24 million biennial budget proposal on Wednesday.

“After much deliberation, the WTCS Board agreed upon a responsible, targeted proposal that will help keep Wisconsin’s economy moving aggressively forward in the right direction,” said Drew Petersen, WTCS Board President. “It does that by focusing squarely on the areas in which our colleges have consistently delivered outstanding results for our employer partners, and a strong return on investment for taxpayers.”

The proposal, dubbed “The Technical College Effect on Economic Expansion,” focuses on:

  • incentivizing specific performance outcomes, including credentials awarded in high-demand fields, job placement within six months of graduation, delivery of incumbent worker training and design of industry-validated curriculum, and transitioning adults from basic education to occupational training;
  • accelerating careers by increasing “dual enrollment” opportunities for high school students to earn college credit;
  • leveraging military veterans’ experience with services focused on improving transitions to – and success in – skills training; and
  • fostering entrepreneurship to advance Wisconsin’s innovation economy.

“This proposal enhances our ability to deliver economic opportunity to students at all stages of their career and a consistent talent pipeline for Wisconsin’s employers,” said WTCS President Morna Foy. “We continue to advance this work by incentivizing outcomes in areas of strategic importance to the state, and by focusing on the success of our students,” Foy said.

Next steps include submission next week to Governor Walker for consideration as he prepares his 2015-17 biennial budget proposal for introduction to the Legislature in early 2015. The Governor receives requests from all state agencies in September, from which he builds his comprehensive proposal.