2015 Ambassadors

Michelle Lomax, Blackhawk Technical College
I enrolled at BTC because I knew the education and training would allow me to obtain the skills needed in my specific career field. BTC provides a quality education that is affordable and prepares students for their career goals. I have found BTC to be a welcoming environment that is always willing to help students to succeed.

Lindsay Hayden, Chippewa Valley Technical College
After a heartbreaking realization that neither my parents nor I could afford for me to attend a University, I attended an information session at CVTC. After meeting the instructors and seeing their passion for law enforcement, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. It was apparent that the instructors had the real-life experience that’s needed to teach in the criminal justice field. Knowing the high goals I have for myself, ad seeing the passion and experience from these instructors, I knew CVTC was the perfect fit to start my career.

Erin Condon, Fox Valley Technical College
After carefully considering a different career path, I started looking at technical colleges that offered the degree program I was interested in. My goal was to choose a school that would help me get hands on experience in the web field right away and that would not waste my time. Based on reading the class description for my program and stories from friends who had attended the school., FVTV seemed to be the right choice. The college was also closest to my hometown and offered flexible learning options so that I could continue to support myself by working full time.

Zaida Jetzabe Hernandez-Irisson, Gateway Technical College
The reason why I chose GTC is because it is affordable, and the option of transferring on to Milwaukee School of Engineering made this decision a lot easier. In addition, having dedicated professors who have been in the field gives us a better insight of the industry.

Carol Gust, Lakeshore Technical College
When I had the opportunity to relocate to Wisconsin, I realized it was the perfect time to pursue my lifelong dream of attaining a college degree and pursuing a career in nursing. The first time I walked into LTC and spoke to an admission specialist, I felt that I had found the perfect place.

Sharilyn Hodel, Madison Area Technical College
I enrolled in MATC because I wanted to save money and make the right choice. I also wanted to transfer to the University of Madison and I knew this was a great transfer school. However, the plans changed when I found a program I loved at MATC so I decided to stay.

Kris Marchel, Mid-State Technical College
There are several reasons why I chose to enroll in MSTC, most involving flexibility and geographical proximity. I am lucky to live in a small, close-knit community where I can go to college and raise my children in the town I grew up. MSTC also offered great flexibility and choices when it came to available class time, allowing me, a father, to continue working while attending.

Tatiana Zaluda, Milwaukee Area Technical College
I have enrolled at MATC to enrich my intellect, leadership skills, improve my personal development and attain a quality educational experience. My livelihood, identity and ultimately my happiness all come from making my education the very best it can be. My MATC Invasive Cardiovascular Technology education has been the best decision I have ever made. It’s been a rewarding and challenging experience. MATC will prepare me and allow me to become an asset to my future employers.

Kayla Ebert, Moraine Park Technical College
By enrolling at MPTC, I am gaining a first rate education with the knowledge and skills required to be successful in my future career. The dedicated staff and abundance of resources are providing me with a cost effective and convenient higher education. I feel confident and enthusiastic about my future knowing the in demand career paths will lead to quick job placement.

Diana C. Archdale, Nicolet College
Every choice matters, since every choice builds your future. Two years ago I returned to NC, a significant choice that would shape my present. I wanted to succeed at school, I wanted to achieve a career, but most importantly, I wanted to become an example of determination to my son. The combined effort between a supporting school and my perseverance made it all possible.

Casey Pietz, Northcentral Technical College
I enrolled in NCTC because, like many students, I was unsure of what I truly wanted to do with my life. Enrolling in NCTC appealed to me because I could save money and attain a wonderful education in a field I am interested in. NCTC has given me the opportunity to discover my career interests and has provided many doors for me to step through both in education and my career.

Katelyn Schiltz, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
I had a great opportunity to start my college education early on and take college classes while at high school through the Youth Options program. After graduation, I decided to stay at NWTC because of all the great opportunities and experiences that I was having. I have recently secured and internship in the Creative Services department on campus. The hands-on learning that I am receiving both in the classroom and in the office is preparing me for success in my future.

April Brandt, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College
After attending a larger university for three years, I wasn’t happy because I felt like I was just a number and not a person. I chose SWTC because it felt like home from the first time a stepped foot on campus. At SWTC, I am a person and my instructors know me on a personal level. I have fallen in love with the college experience again because of all the opportunities that SWTC has to offer.

Jose Gonzales-Cervera, Waukesha County Technical College
I chose to enroll in WCTC because it offers endless opportunities. Not only does college provide you the tools and resources to be more successful in your life and career, but it also helps you to gain a competitive edge, improve your social network, build a better lifestyle and most importantly, secure your future. Returning to college has been the best decision I have ever made!

Sara Washburn, Western Technical College
I feel that the two-year program structure simply fits my life better, and will allow me to re-enter the workforce in a more efficient and timely manner. I am effectively gaining the necessary skills needed for my future career (landscape horticulture) in a close-knit learning environment. It means a great deal to me to be more than just a number; my instructors care about my future success and spend the time motivating my class to figure out where we’d like to have a career upon graduation. I like that my instructors keep the curriculum very practical, including real-life challenges that I may encounter in the workforce.

Sarah Reas, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
I chose WITC New Richmond for its supportive and knowledgeable faculty, effective and personal instructor and small class sizes. I first intended to study the medical assistant field and quickly determined accounting was the right program for me. I am in my second semester in the accounting program and know with certainly that this is right where I am supposed to be at this time. I enjoy coming to this college and working with the other students as well as the instructors and other faculty.