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New Report: 92% Placement for Recent Wisconsin Tech College Grads

June 16, 2015 | Conor Smyth

The caps and gowns have been put away and the diplomas are being framed. What’s in store for the thousands of recent college graduates in Wisconsin? While they are often anxious about finding a job, a recently released report suggests graduates of Wisconsin’s technical colleges need not worry. The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Graduate Outcomes Report shows a 92 percent placement rate for 2014 graduates.

The report is based on survey responses from more than 17,000 individuals who graduated from one of Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges in 2014. Job placement rates for WTCS graduates have been 86 percent or higher for the last sixteen years.

What accounts for the positive results? “Our colleges have uniquely close ties to industry leaders in every sector of Wisconsin’s economy,” said Wisconsin Technical College System President Morna Foy.

The technical colleges prioritize developing Wisconsin’s talent through responsive curricula and training, with employers serving on program advisory committees. This job-centered mission has roots in Wisconsin statute, which requires the technical colleges to provide individuals with the skills training necessary for full participation in the workforce.

“When you pair that focus with faculty who teach to the latest industry standards, it allows us to create demand-driven education that leads to jobs,” said Foy. That’s a win-win for students and employers and it accelerates Wisconsin’s economic growth.”

Accenting the high placement rates, the report found that 88 percent of employed graduates are working in Wisconsin, with the vast majority of those working in the districts where they received their education. “These results show that we’re on track in providing economic opportunities for our students and talent for Wisconsin’s businesses,” said Foy.

For this year’s WTCS graduates, it’s on to good jobs in Wisconsin.

Click here to view the report.