Inspiring learners, delivering talent

Career Pathways aren’t a “thing.” They represent a way of thinking and for Wisconsin’s technical colleges, a way of structuring our work, our partnerships and our offerings.

They are focused on education and careers, delivering value for students and employers.

Career Pathways combine rigorous, high-quality education, training, and other services that:

  • align with employers’ talent needs in support of state and regional economies;
  • prepare individuals for success in secondary or postsecondary education, including apprenticeship;
  • include counseling and other strong supports for students advancing education and career goals;
  • support the option of education offered at the same time and in the same context as other workforce preparation activities and training for a specific occupation or career cluster;
  • organize education, training and other services to meet individuals’ needs in a way that is portable and accelerates educational and career advancement, if possible;
  • support individuals’ attainment of a high school diploma or equivalent and at least one postsecondary credential; and
  • guide an individual entering or advancing within a specific career cluster.

The concept is simple. The innovation is transforming the delivery of postsecondary education.

Key features of a robust pathway include hands-on career awareness and exploration; dual credit for high school students; collaboration with economic and workforce development partners; basic skills instruction, including English Language Learning (ELL); Credit for Prior Learning and credit transfer; postsecondary credentials, like certificates, diplomas and degrees; and industry-based certifications.