with Western Technical College

WTCS was pleased to recognize Ag Day March 20 this year with an event hosted by Western Technical College.

Agriculture is a major economic driver for the state of Wisconsin, contributing an estimated $88.3 billion annually to the state's economy. The sector also provides hundreds of thousands of great careers in communities throughout every region of the state - 413,500 jobs or 11.9% of the state’s employment.

The state's ag sector is much more diverse than many realize, with a tremendous variety of crop production, dairy and beef cattle, organics, farm equipment and many other related industries.
Wisconsin’s technical colleges offer 58 degree and certificate programs in Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources and has seen a 46.7% increase in the number of degrees awarded over the past 10 years.
We have seen a shift in student demographics among Agriculture students. Comparing 2007 to 2016, Agriculture programs are attracting a younger audience as 60% of students are younger than 25 compared to 38% in 2007. This is largely driven by the fostering of strong high school relationships as supported by increasing numbers of students taking Agriculture dual credit in high school.