The Policy & Government Relations Team provides leadership in System-wide policy analysis and development and state and federal government relations.

Within this scope, this team leads the development of Board policies related to System-wide organizational, operational, and financial matters and works with System stakeholders to gain support for System policies. This team also leads and coordinates the System biennial budget development process and strategic planning efforts.

In addition, the team monitors federal and state legislative and regulatory proposals, develops and recommends positions on the proposals, and assists others in understanding the legal and fiscal impacts on the System. It actively promotes System positions on state and federal legislation related to career, technical, and adult education, workforce development, and higher education policy and funding with members of Congress and the Wisconsin Legislature, state and federal executive branch agencies and the Governor’s Office, and key partners and stakeholder groups.

The Policy & Government Relations Team also manages the Board’s review of district board appointments and assists in responding to information requests from the public, state policy makers and the media.

The Policy & Government Relations Team reports to the WTCS Executive Vice President.