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Mission, Vision and Values

In November 2020, the WTCS Board approved a renewed set of Strategic Directions for the period 2021-2025.

The Directions continue to push the Board and System staff to Innovate, Collaborate, Inspire and Transform, while System values emphasize Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Strategic Directions

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board sets the strategic directions for the System. The 2021-25 strategic directions share an updated focus on the mission, vision and values of the System.

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The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) provides comprehensive education opportunities that position students and employers to thrive in the face of rapid changes in the workplace, creating economic vitality for individuals and communities throughout the state.


We empower technical colleges to recognize and meet the unique needs of individuals and employers in driving economic prosperity for all and promoting lifelong learning as a model for the advancement of diverse communities throughout Wisconsin.



We believe in individual and collective strength through diversity, and we commit to respecting and celebrating the traditions, heritage, and experiences of all.


Our work is not complete until every person – attending or employed by a technical college, or by the System – has the opportunity, resources and support to be successful.


We envision, create, and foster access to and success in work and learning spaces where every person has a sense of safety, belonging, value and purpose.


We believe that for technical colleges to adapt and thrive, we must listen to our stakeholders and continuously reimagine our processes, structures, and offerings.


We actively cultivate a “culture of collaboration” to advance our work – within our office and with our colleges, students, employers and a wide variety of local, state and national partners.


To successfully convey that lifelong learning is essential, we must inspire students and employers to recognize its rewards, and how technical colleges support it in every phase.


We believe that if we adhere to our values in fulfilling our mission and vision, we will transform education, the lives of individuals and the economic success of communities in Wisconsin.

Direction and Goals

Innovate to increase college access, inclusion and success for all students

Identify, advance, support and continuously improve teaching and learning strategies that meet the needs of each student.

Emphasize delivery of student support services that make Wisconsin’s technical colleges consistently inclusive and student ready.

Assure colleges’ facilities proposals align with goals for meeting the needs of students and employers.

Collaborate to efficiently, effectively advance student and employer goals

Maintain affordability for students, balanced with a lasting commitment to rigor and quality.

Assure that course and program curriculum is industry-aligned, flexible and responsive, meeting the needs of employers and providing value for learners at all stages of life and career.

Engage policymakers, educators, employers, workforce and economic development partners, and community organizations to position Wisconsin for economic growth and stability.

Actively and strategically coordinate state and federal grant finance and administration with instructional and student support objectives.

Align Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and services and leverage data to drive improvements in identifying and addressing student achievement gaps.

Work together with WTCS colleges in the areas of professional development, System finance and advocacy with a consistent focus on student outcomes and maintaining quality workplaces.

Inspire learners of all ages to engage in technical education

Consistently, actively seek to ensure that all students feel safe, welcome and included and have the opportunity to pursue lifelong learning, achieve academic success and prepare for careers.

Create broad awareness of college offerings and outcomes and elevate the image of Wisconsin’s technical colleges as a first-choice postsecondary option supported by data and student success stories.

Transform the delivery of postsecondary education and training

Position the colleges to best meet the diverse needs of the communities they serve, with a particular focus on students and employers, by making clear the purpose and value of a broad range of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

Increase awareness that the statutory mission of the Wisconsin Technical College System is exceptionally broad by design, uniquely positioning Wisconsin’s technical colleges to meet shifting stakeholder demands in times of rapid change.