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System Board

The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Board is the coordinating and oversight body for Wisconsin's 16 public, two-year technical colleges. It consists of 13 members, including 10 appointed by the Governor: a student, a farmer, an employer representative, and employee representative and 6 public members.

The remaining three "ex-officio" members, who serve by virtue of their professional position, are: the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, and the President of the University of Wisconsin (UW) Board of Regents, or his or her designee.

Among the Board's primary oversight responsibilities are System-wide tuition setting, program approval, facilities approval, state finance, state and federal government relations, and state and federal grant administration.

Because they operate as local units of government, Wisconsin's technical colleges are uniquely tied to the communities they serve.

A Message from the Board President

With the rapid pace of change in and outside the workplace, lifelong learning has become absolutely essential. For individuals, employers and Wisconsin communities to thrive, we must assure that individuals of all ages have access to learning, as well as the ability to experience success in learning.

The WTCS “Commitment to Progress” demonstrates that Wisconsin’s technical colleges understand we must remain vigilantly student-focused and student-ready. Every potential learner must be warmly welcomed and consistently encouraged, and their success actively supported based on the individual’s unique needs and experiences.

It’s not only the learners who depend on our colleges to live this every day, but also the companies – large and small – who employ them. Ever-present “Now Hiring” signs and notices demonstrate the significant skilled talent needs of our employer partners. So do their pleas to our colleges, across program areas and throughout Wisconsin.

Fortunately, Wisconsin has a postsecondary System with guided career pathways to support these needs. Whether it’s hands-on career exploration, college credit for high school students, world-class credentials, credit transfer or customized and apprenticeship instruction, individuals and employers know where to turn.

Add to this robust student support services and on-ramps for English Language Learners, individuals with disabilities, those who have been involved with the justice system, or those who need to earn an alternative high school credential or improve their academic skills?

Now you know about the unparalleled postsecondary option Wisconsin boasts.

The Wisconsin Technical College System – we were built for this moment.

Dr. Rodney Pasch, President
Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Board