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Community Engagement

We were built for this moment

Wisconsin's technical colleges, as responsive local units of government, are woven into the fabric of the diverse communities they serve – urban and rural, large and small – throughout the state.

In a rapidly changing marketplace, our unique connections to employers – from multinational to Main Street – allow us to consistently increase the economic vitality of students, employers, and communities throughout Wisconsin.

Graduate at graduation ceremony

Wisconsin technical colleges - and their grads - were built for this moment, Dr. Morna K. Foy, President, Wisconsin Technical College System

Wisconsin’s technical college students are putting the finishing touches on a momentous year. Tens of thousands are set to join our alumni in communities throughout the state, launching careers in essential occupations that serve as the backbone of our state and local economies. 

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Students in face masks working with hardware

Wisconsin technical colleges mobilize against COVID-19

It’s amazing how much things change in a matter of weeks or even days. We’re all experiencing a previously abstract concept — a pandemic — most of us never expected to actually witness. Known as COVID-19, the novel Corona Virus has moved around the globe quickly and ravenously. It is testing our institutions, challenging systems and exposing weaknesses nationally and in our state’s infrastructure, broadband and healthcare systems. Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges and the Wisconsin Technical College System Administrative offices are suddenly in the middle of a public health crisis. 

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Versatile, vital partners in the community

Over a 100-year history, Wisconsin’s technical colleges have been uniquely versatile, vital members of the communities we serve. With 16 districts and more than 50 campuses, we have community partners in every corner of the state.

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