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Other Educational Opportunities

Most people are well aware the technical colleges provide education to high school graduates and returning adults. But not everyone realizes the many ways our colleges provide life-changing education to people in other situations too. Wisconsin's technical colleges serve high school students who want to get a jump-start on college experience, people who are not native English speakers or who may not have completed high school, those who are transitioning back to the community from prison, or have other major life setbacks preventing them from accomplishing their education goals.


Beyond education in the traditional sense, our colleges uniquely help people with diverse backgrounds who are often driven by a need for change. These may not be the typical college or university student. The technical colleges meet students where they are and are prepared to do whatever it takes to improve students' chances for success.

  • High school students seeking dual enrollment opportunities
  • Students whose primary language is not English
  • Students lacking a high school diploma
  • Men and women transitioning from prison
  • Employers who need highly-skilled employees in trades or technical careers


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Other Educational Opportunities

In addition to providing education for students after high school, Wisconsin technical colleges serve many diverse populations.

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Employers who need highly-skilled employees in trades or technical careers can sponsor apprentices whose intensive (2-5 year) education includes learning in the classroom and on-the-job with close supervision.

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Dual Credit

High school students can take college courses, applying credit to high school and college graduation.

  • Saves money on college credits
  • Allows students to preview the intensity of college courses
  • Students can preview careers
  • Provides critical thinking skills
Earn College Credit in High School
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Job seekers without a high school diploma (HSED or GED) have a disadvantage in the job market, but our colleges can help.

  • Students can prepare and test for the HSED or GED
  • The diploma helps students level up and gain confidence/motivation to achieve more
Earn Your High School Degree
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English Language Learners

English Language Learners can improve speaking and reading skills from supportive, understanding instructors. This experience will open doors to additional educational and career opportunities.


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Re-Entry from Correctional Institutions

Men and women transitioning from jail or prison can earn a diploma and/or a degree, improve their confidence and learn skills that will improve their job outlook and open additional doors.

Learn About Re-Entry Options
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Apprenticeships a Boon to Students, Workforce

In 1911, Wisconsin became the pioneer for the Registered Apprenticeship system in the United States, and in 1937, Congress enacted the National Apprenticeship Act establishing the program as it is today.

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Student Support

Our colleges are prepared to help you succeed along every step of the way

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