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Wisconsin Apprentices report high annual earnings

Wisconsin Technical College System report shows strong in-state retention for apprenticeship completers

MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Technical College System released its annual Apprenticeship Completion Report on Tuesday highlighting high earnings and a strong level of satisfaction with the on-the-job training and related instruction they receive.

The median annual earnings reported for all apprentices who completed the program in 2020 is $80,000, meaning half make more than that. Median earnings ranged from $114,531 for welding/pipe fabrication apprentices to $60,315 for tele/data apprentices in the construction sector.

Registered Apprenticeship combines structured, on-the-job training with classroom instruction. Apprentices learn the theory and practice of a highly skilled occupation in one to six years and are paid for their time on the job and in the classroom. Wisconsin’s technical colleges work closely with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD)-Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards (BAS) to meet employer needs in the area of apprenticeship, providing the classroom instruction for apprenticeship programs in industrial, construction and other industries. New sectors have been added more recently including apprenticeships in cosmetology and information technology.

Ninety-three percent of apprentices were satisfied with their on-the-job training, and 97% reported they were satisfied with their related instruction.

As Wisconsin employers struggle to attract and retain talent, it is important to note 96% of employed apprentices were working in Wisconsin after their completed training, and apprenticeship participation has increased about 29% over the past five years.

Given Wisconsin’s workforce challenges, it is increasingly important to assure access for historically underrepresented populations, including women and people of color. This is a priority at the federal level and for all Wisconsin program partners.

Visit www.WTCSystem.edu/apprenticeshipreport to view the full report.