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2022 Student Ambassadors

Anna Rydeski NTC

Anna Rydeski

Northcentral Technical College

Dental Hygiene Associate Degree

After briefly attending a four-year college, I knew I was looking for a more personalized and hands-on education. Northcentral Technical College is providing me with instructors who are passionate about what they teach and genuinely wish to see their students succeed, and the smaller class sizes make collaboration and support with my peers much more attainable. The added benefit of affordability and proximity factors influenced my decision, and I was able to create a schedule that catered to my needs as a student. I took a few dual-credit classes through NTC in high school, so I already had one foot in the door when I chose to enroll. Here at NTC, I have made many meaningful connections with not only my fellow students, but faculty and staff as well. I am grateful for NTC’s high-quality instruction and welcoming environment.