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2022 Student Ambassadors

Anthony Townley FVTC

Anthony Townley

Fox Valley Technical College*


When I decided to start classes I was abroad in Myanmar (Burma) and I needed to find a college that offered Paralegal classes online. Due to its affordability and obliging staff in my initial process, choosing FVTC as my school of choice was one decision I will never regret. FVTC has an exceptional staff. The financial aid process and getting enrolled in classes seemed as if it was going to be a giant mountain of difficulty but the staff at FVTC turned that giant mountain into a tiny pebble and got me set up for success. My instructors are the best teachers I have had in my life. Taking online classes here at FVTC has been an eye-opening experience and has totally changed my perspective about online learning. I have served as a missionary to the country of Myanmar for the last three years. While in Myanmar I have taught English to hundreds of Burmese and other ethnic minorities. I ended up meeting my wife in Myanmar and just several days after the coup occurred there, I signed up for classes at FVTC.

*Kimberly Martin was chosen as Fox Valley’s Ambassador, then offered the opportunity to speak at a National Conference on Hemophilia this week and generously offered the Leadership Development training and her scholarship to Anthony Townley.