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2022 Student Ambassadors

Samantha Shields MATC

Samantha Shields

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Web and Digital Media Design Associate of Applied Science

I chose Milwaukee Area Technical College because of the hands-on learning, small class sizes and start dates that are flexible, convenient campus locations, one-on-one advising and a high-quality education for a lower price. Technical education teaches people how to be better citizens, how to get a better-paying job, and how to tell the difference between good and bad. Education teaches us the value of hard work while also assisting us in growing and developing. As a result of knowing and respecting our rights, laws, and regulations, we are able to shape a better society in which to live. Technical education and training are critical to the well-being of youth and communities, boosting productivity, enabling individuals to become self-sufficient, and encouraging entrepreneurship. Businesses are more likely to invest in a community that has a strong human resource base.