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2023 Student Ambassadors

Northcentral Mason Knab

Mason Knab

Northcentral Technical College

Diesel Technology Associate Degree

I was attending a four-year college pursuing a degree in Natural Resource Law Enforcement and realized it’s not what I wanted to do. One day on a lunch break, I made the decision to drop out and did within five minutes and within ten minutes had e-mailed Northcentral Technical College about their Diesel Technology Program, since I had done a Youth Apprenticeship in that area in high school. I quickly enrolled and it’s been a dream since. I was nervous because I had invested three years at a four-year university and was unsure about how I was going to be viewed by my classmates. What I learned is I should have made that decision sooner. When I’m at NTC I feel part of something and I’m equal to everyone else around me. Smaller class sizes help me feel connected to my classmates and instructors.