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2023 Student Ambassadors

Gateway Dajanae Williams

Dajanae Williams

Gateway Technical College

Business Management

I enrolled in a technical college because of the opportunity and value Gateway presented. As a student who applied to many schools, I had to make a wise choice based on the accommodations to my education needs. I had limited options due to my financial background and being a child of a single parent. I wanted to enroll in a school where my strengths were acknowledged and not judged. Coming from a school where culture wasn’t promoted or seen, diversity was an essential requirement for me, and I am lucky to experience that every time I am on campus. Discovering that classes had a low student-to-teacher ratio stood out to me because it meant that close relationships would be made and help me advance academically. Compared to other schools, technical colleges encourage others that success can come in many ways and options are available. If you want to start your career, earn a certification, or even continue your education, support is there for anyone who wants to begin this new milestone.