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2023 Student Ambassadors

Milwaukee Garrett Grobschmidt

Garrett Grobschmidt

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Audio Production

Two years studying music performance at a four-year university gave me great perspective on both the merits and challenges of a traditional college education. After taking some time away, I decided to enroll at Milwaukee Area Technical College because I saw it as an opportunity to learn more specific, practical skills that would help me become more of a specialist in the field I love most: music. Not only has this education been more  practical, it has also been more affordable to me in terms of time, energy and money. Technical colleges are more accessible to the average person and provide an opportunity for hands-on learning in ways that translate directly to skill and ability working in your field of study. Having more time on your hands, less stress, and ultimately, less debt, is a great way that a technical college can set you up for success in your career and in your future—and that’s why I chose MATC.