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Becky Visser Breezer

Nicolet College

Culinary Arts

I was working at a large retailer, was miserable, and needed a change. I heard Nicolet had a medical assistant certificate and called to schedule my assessment. It didn’t go well at all - I needed to get my competencies up. So, Nicolet set me up with their Academic Success center in Minocqua. I went four days a week for five to six hours a day to get my scores to an appropriate level. One day I was chatting with my instructor and she recommended that I meet with one of the IT Instructors at an open house, even though I was studying to be a Medical Assistant. She said, ‘just go check it out - you are pretty computer savvy.’ I met him, and while we were speaking about computers, he asked me why I didn’t enroll in the computer science and repair degree. I told him that I wasn’t smart enough - he corrected me right away and told me to let him worry about that. So I changed programs before I even left the open house! Meeting with this instructor gave me the confidence I needed to succeed, no matter what obstacles were in my way. Since then, I have taken a new direction and found what I am truly passionate about in the Culinary Arts.