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Career Area: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Program Number: 61-486-1
Approximately Varies to Complete
Credit Program

Wisconsin Technical College Aviation Maintenance Technician - General Cert (AMT-G) Programs

Complete this certificate and you will be prepared for entry-level work as a line service technician assisting certified aircraft mechanics and structural assemblers, or you could work in airfield ground support positions. The courses in this certificate also are required to pursue the Aviation Technician technical diplomas.

MATC’s Aviation Center is at 422 East College Avenue, north of the Oak Creek Campus.

Career Pathway: After earning this certificate, you can apply your credits toward completing the Aviation Technician – Airframe and Aviation Technician – Powerplant  technical diplomas.

Aviation Maintenance Technician - General Cert (AMT-G) Pathway Certificate
Milwaukee Area Aviation Maintenance Technician - General Cert (AMT-G) at Milwaukee Area