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Career Area: Education and Training
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Program Number: 908091
Non-Credit Program
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Wisconsin Technical College Ethnic Studies Certificate Programs

Ethnic studies courses explore the position of ethnic and racial minorities in the history, culture, and society of the United States. The courses in this certificate develop philosophical insights and theoretical tools that encourage further exploration of the entire spectrum of society and culture in the U.S. Completing a sequence of Ethnic Studies courses will challenge students to think critically about the roles that race and ethnicity have played in the development of American history, culture, and society. Students will analyze aesthetic values, investigate historical processes, and study how race and ethnicity are connected to issues that at first may seem unrelated. To be awarded the Madison Area Technical College Ethnic Studies certificate, students need to successfully complete at least one course from each of the three academic areas--Literature, History and Social Sciences) and also complete an independent research project under the supervision of the Ethnics Studies director.

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