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Career Area: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Pathway Certificate
Program Number: 61-080-2
Credit Program
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Livestock Production Careers

Recent Wisconsin job postings for this certificate:

  • Farm Laborers
  • Feeder
  • Animal/Livestock Handler

Wisconsin Technical College Livestock Production Programs

Program Overview

The Livestock Production pathway certificate gives the agricultural enthusiast the technical training needed to skillfully join their family farm operation or start their own. Hands-on labs focus on creating the foundation of basic agronomy, animal husbandry and agricultural business skills needed to take their farm to the next level. The program will give you the fundamentals of livestock management and husbandry along with an understanding of nutrition. Coupled with a class in farm records and analysis, you will complete this program with the skill set to manage and make critical decisions surrounding the day-to-day business of a livestock operation. 

Program Outcomes

The Livestock Production Certificate will prepare students to:

  • Evaluate livestock management plans
Livestock Production Pathway Certificate Program Transfers Offered completely online Shared Certificate
Northwood Tech Livestock Production at Northwood Tech