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Career Area: Arts, AudioVisual Technology and Communications
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Program Number: 992046
Credit Program
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Wisconsin Technical College Multimedia & Computer Arts Programs

As the technology of the field of graphics and publishing has changed, so have the skills needed for a successful career in the industry. The growth in digital media has expanded the arena of graphic art and publishing. The use of the computer and Internet as a presentation medium has removed the publishing limitation of ink on paper. Graphic art does not rely on the traditional, manual techniques of the past, but has become almost exclusively reliant on computer technology for creation and manipulation of designs. "Computer arts" has become a more inclusive label for the field than "graphic arts." This certificate focuses on providing students with a solid foundation in creating still and motion graphics for today's digital and Internet publishing careers. Students will learn basic design concepts, use of software for creation of vector and raster images for illustrations and photo manipulation, basic digital photography, video and sound skills and 3D modeling skills. They will apply these skills in the creation of motion and animation graphics for publishing on the Internet presentations for industry and entertainment uses.

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