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A Silver Lining

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly required all of us to adapt in ways we never dreamed. Our faculty and staff have risen to the occasion over the past several months with innovative approaches to deliver instruction and support services.

It’s also amazing to see the resiliency of our students. Their ability to adapt to uncertainty and change is truly inspiring. Take Emily Cudnohosky, for example—a student in our Agriculture Power Equipment program. The Coleman, Wisconsin native just started her coursework in fall of 2019 and quickly appreciated a team approach to solving problems. When the Covid-19 disruption started in mid-March, she and her classmates were staring at unprecedented change. 

Emily, like other students, had to adjust. It took a little time, courage, and a few bumps along the way, but today she sees a silver lining. “Throughout this pandemic, being a student has taken on new meaning,” she says. “For me, it meant developing into a self-driven, organized, and determined person. I, along with my peers, experience both positive and negative moments while we learn how to adapt. Because of these experiences, we may find ourselves to be more marketable. That’s a silver lining.” 

Emily exemplifies how students today could very well become better employees, leaders, and better citizens of the world as a result of these trials. Come find your silver lining and be part of a new way to address challenges head-on.