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Forciea Found a Way to Make Anatomy and Physiology Easy, Fun

Dr. Bruce Forciea loves communicating so much that he keeps finding new ways to do it. Forciea gives lectures, creates animated videos, teaches online and in person, and writes blogs, textbooks and novels. 


A former ice skating coach and chiropractor, Forciea teaches anatomy and physiology at Moraine Park Technical College among his other pursuits. 


“Coaching was a great way to work my way through college,” he said. Forciea got his bachelor’s degree at Eckert College in Florida then attended Parker University for a doctorate in chiropractic. 


While running chiropractic practices in West Allis and Wauwatosa he started lecturing at Professional Skater Association regional, national and international conferences on sports injuries. His chiropractic patients included Olympic speed skater Dan Jansen and a few professional ballet dancers. 


Forciea first taught a class at Milwaukee Area Technical College and really enjoyed it. Later he was offered a position at MPTC. 


“Looking back now I can see how bad I was at teaching,” he recalled. “Teaching is not just about knowing the content. There is a lot more to it which I have learned over the years.” 


He likes the practicality of teaching at a technical college and approaching the material from a clinical perspective. His students include mostly individuals enrolled in allied health programs. “I want my students to be successful,” Forciea stated. 


Anatomy and physiology can be challenging both for students and instructors and has a reputation for being a difficult course. Forciea has managed to make it easier and even wrote an ebook titled “An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology” and published a study guide for the course. 


More recently, Forciea started making short animated videos to go along with his classes. The videos on topics like “Anatomy and Physiology of the Nervous System: Reflexes” are accessible through his YouTube channel, Dr Bruce Forciea. He also teaches other instructors how to incorporate video into their classes. 


After he started teaching classes online, Forciea shared his expertise in a book on e-learning.


In 2007 he published “Unlocking the Healing Code: Discover the 7 Keys to Unlimited Healing Power.” Recently, he completed a novel, “The X Cure,” about a brilliant biomedical engineer and a Chinese scientist who set out to discover a cure for cancer. Now he’s writing about a computer guru who creates a new operating system by downloading part of the neural net of his frontal lobe. 


“These books are not really science fiction, they are more like reality with a twist,” he explained. Forciea is amazed at how his stories pull him along. He starts with an outline and then writes a scene. 


“You live with the story in your head,” he continued. “You can have it go whichever way you want. I really enjoy the process. It is a lot of fun.”