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Internships are Win-Win for the Intern and the Employer

Before having children, Christine Anderson was teaching fine art in private studios and after-school programs. But after becoming a mom, she chose to stay home and care for them while working part-time on nights and weekends.


When they were school-age she faced a decision. “I knew I was going to get back into the workforce, but I was not interested in going back into the same field,” says Anderson. “I looked into the design programs (at Madison College) and liked what they offered as far as coursework and available class times, in addition to online options.”


Anderson started out in the Graphic Design program but switched to Web and Digital Media Design after a few meetings with faculty and her academic advisor. “When we went over what I already had from my background in fine arts and what I was looking to get out of the program, they suggested that I look into a Web & Digital Media Design degree instead,” she explains. “It is a new world for me in a lot of ways but I am really enjoying it and finding ways to apply the skills I already had.”


While taking a UX design class, an opportunity arose for an internship with KW2, a digital and advertising agency based in Madison. Tim Christian, Vice President, Director of Digital Services at KW2, worked with staff at Madison College to structure the internship. “The first time KW2 discussed the idea with them was in April 2018,” says Christian. “We worked quickly to get it put in place by August. The entire experience of setting this internship up for the first time has been very fulfilling for us.”


Now, as an intern at KW2, “(Christine) is a part of our team that helps address user experience concerns on their website and digital communications,” explains Christian. “The work KW2 does mirrors much of what Christine and her fellow Madison College students learn throughout their associate’s degree so it’s been a great match.”


Since day one of her internship, Anderson has been gaining invaluable experience. “I have been able to see all the moving parts,” says Anderson. “Working in this field requires collaboration with a lot of people and industries and KW2 has been a great introduction to that. Between the internship and the faculty who are working within the design world I am learning the language and skills that I will need moving forward.”


Christian agrees, adding, “The experience will not only look good on a resume, it will make Christine a valuable asset from day one of her first job when she graduates.”