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Marketing Graduate in Search of a School Finds Online Home at FVTC

When it comes to Kelli Fischer’s educational journey, you could say the third time's the charm.

After graduating high school from Port Washington, Kelli started school at a local four-year university but stopped after one year.

“I was interested in my chosen major but I could tell it wasn’t my passion,” Kelli said. “I took a year to work full time, save money and figure out what I wanted to do next.”

The following year Kelli started to enroll in another school. Before completing the paperwork, she recognized again that she wasn’t feeling a connection to the school. On her third try, she made a connection with FVTC despite the campus being 90-plus miles away from home.

“A friend suggested I check out FVTC and I saw I could do the Marketing program online,” Kelli said. “I had prior online classes and I liked them. I was working and I knew I could stay on top of things.”

Kelli considers herself organized and credits her FVTC instructors for taking organizational skills to a different level.

“The instructors would post a video or post a presentation for the week ahead,” Kelli said. “You knew the expectations and sometimes you could work ahead to accommodate your schedule.

“My teachers were so helpful. If you had a question, they responded quickly. I had experiences with other classes before FVTC where I’d have to wait for a response.”

Graduating with an associate degree in Marketing, Kelli is already one month into a new position as a marketing coordinator at a West Allis, Wisconsin, company.

“I will work on updating their website, blogs and search engine optimization.” Kelli said. “I’m happy I kept searching until I found FVTC. I’m ready for this new job.”