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Meet Heather Griesmer, an LTC Graduate Who Turned Her Interest in the Dairy Industry Into Her Career

Why did you choose the Agribusiness Science & Technology and Dairy Business Management programs at LTC?


In 2017, I started the Agribusiness Science and Technology program and attended classes at the Moraine Park Technical College. The Agribusiness program is a shared program done over ITV, allowing me to attend school in West Bend, and live at home. I also chose this program as it was very well rounded in agriculture, touching many of the different fields like crops, animals, precision agriculture, etc. I have always been involved in the dairy industry, so as I graduated from the Agribusiness program, I decided to continue one more year in the Dairy Business Management Program. With these two degrees, I will be continuing to work on a dairy farm, and if no longer on the farm, in the dairy industry.  



What has been your experience in general at LTC?


Lakeshore has been a nice experience. It was very cooperative and helpful with me coordinating classes at Moraine Park for my first two years. For the dairy program, I was on campus at the School of Ag, so I wasn’t on the main campus very often. However, everyone I have worked with over the years has been very kind and helpful. All staff work to help you succeed and better yourself.



How do you believe your education has helped your employers feel confident that you are capable of successfully taking on additional responsibilities on the farm you’re employed at?


The dairy program offers some hands-on learning opportunities, as well as an internship on a dairy farm, that was very helpful for me in my education. In the program, we complete and receive certificates over the course of the school year, and at the end complete a portfolio. Although I have the paperwork, I have shown my employer that I am capable of additional responsibilities.