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NTC Grad Employed Before Graduation

More students are employed before crossing the graduation stage at Northcentral Technical College (NTC), including IT - Software Developer student, Tanner Champine.

It’s no surprise that the 20-year-old will soon join the ranks of NTC alumni who have accepted job offers while finishing their final semester, since over 200 NTC graduates each year are employed before graduation.

As an active member of NTC’s Computer Club, Champine attended an employer presentation meeting that the group hosted. It was there that Champine met leaders who worked for his future employer, Sentry Insurance.

“After the club meeting, I walked up to one of the general managers and introduced myself,” said Champine. “I had a phone interview the next day, which led to an in-person interview where I was offered an internship.”

Throughout his Associate Software Developer Internship at Sentry during the summer of 2017, Champine was paired with a mentor and collaborated with others to work on group projects. Champine said his classes at NTC prepared him for the work that he did during his internship and he was able to network with others in the company both in and outside of work.

“My internship was a great experience that I wouldn’t have had without NTC’s Computer Club.”

The D.C. Everest High School graduate is currently completing his final semester at NTC. During his time at the College, Champine also worked as a student work study in NTC’s Information Technology Entrepreneurial Center (iTEC) and as an Instructional Assistant for web design and development classes. 

Following graduation, Champine will begin his full-time employment with Sentry as a Software Developer. 

According to the latest Graduate Outcomes Report, 39 programs at NTC have 100 percent job placement. All of the IT – Software Developer Associate Degree graduates from the class of 2016 reported that they too were employed within one year after crossing NTC’s graduation stage. 

“I’ve been in school for two and a half years and I’ll be working for a couple of years before those who went to a four-year,” said Champine. 

According to the same report, IT – Software Developer graduates surpass NTC’s average annual salary, earning up to $52,000 upon entry-level employment. 

As for Champine, he is focused on finishing the semester and earning his degree while wearing the gold chord of distinction, which signifies that a graduate has earned a 3.5 or higher grade point average. 

“I’m super proud to be graduating from NTC,” said Champine. “If you want it to happen, NTC gives you the opportunity to make it happen.”