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Two NWTC students publish scientific research, make history

Student Justyna Kakol photo

Two students at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC), Justyna Kakol and Mainor Vang, have made history by publishing groundbreaking  research in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. They found a previously unknown bacterium, called paenarthrobacter nicotinovorans. They studied it to learn about and document its antimicrobial properties, which could be used to develop new antibiotics. This research is part of the Tiny Earth project, a global effort to find new antibiotics in soil microorganisms, aiming to combat antibiotic resistance.

Publishing as undergraduate students is a significant achievement that involves original thinking, rigorous methods, and dedication to scientific integrity. It is particularly rare at community or technical colleges like NWTC. Being published in a peer-reviewed journal opens up opportunities for future employment and graduate studies.

Undergraduate research offers various benefits, including improved employability, skill development in critical thinking and data analysis, and a strong foundation for future careers. Kakol and Vang's work sets them on a path for success beyond their time at NWTC. Interested readers can access their publications through the following: