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Wilinski Teaches to Multiply Energy Saving Experts for Wisconsin

Two things motivate Ted Wilinski, Sustainable Facilities Management instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC): reducing energy use and helping students get better-paying jobs. 


“We need to use energy wisely and minimize what we take out of the ground,” he says. That desire led to a long list of degrees and certifications and a successful energy management-consulting firm. But, that wasn’t enough for Wiliniski. 


“I started teaching professional development around the state and found I enjoyed it,” he recalls. “I also realized that by teaching others the skills I have, I could make a bigger impact.” 


He taught at Milwaukee School of Engineering, but ended up at MATC. The college wanted to develop energy conservation classes and Wilinski was happy to share his knowledge and expertise. He wrote all but two of the courses in the Sustainable Facilities Operations program. 


“The type of courses MATC wanted and the hands-on style were in line with my experience and what I enjoy,” he explained. This program prepares students to efficiently and effectively manage the total facility. 


Now, Wilinski is helping MATC retool the program using his connections through a National Science Foundation grant, a grant focused on assisting other colleges around the country to use cutting-edge curriculum to expand training programs for commercial commissioning agents and energy auditors. 


As an instructor, Wilinski packs a lot of information into his classes. “You never let us go early,” complained one student. 


“I try to do what’s best for them,” Wilinski states. “So they can go out and get a good job.”