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WTCS Student Success: Bryce Menadue, IT Software Developer

Bryce Menadue did his research when looking for a place to study IT. He looked at retention, graduation rates, curriculum, and cost—ultimately deciding Mid-State was the best choice for him. “What I found interesting was that the ROI was great for me and what I wanted to do. I knew the IT Software Developer program would get me the career that I was looking for.” 

What did Bryce expect once he became a student? “A lot less than I got,” he laughs. “I personally expected to float through and pass my tests. What I didn’t expect was the friendships I made, the comradery between students and instructors. It’s a good time, a really good time.”

Bryce has many great things to say about the IT Software Developer program, but he was especially impressed with the intangibles he received, those soft skills people need to really be successful. He credits his instructors with facilitating those team building and communication skills. “I was able to learn from professionals who were regular people I could connect with. They challenged us, made us really work to be successful, and in the process we grew. I learned more about myself and my future.”

The long nights and hard work paid off quickly. Before graduation, Bryce was offered a remote-work position with Innovia Consulting as a Software Engineer Consultant, which he accepted. Today he works directly with clients—many of them in high positions such as CEO—to help them find direct solutions today-to-day needs.

When asked his favorite part of being a Mid-State student, Bryce sits up a little straighter and smiles. “The pride of being a successful technical college graduate,” he says. “I felt at home, welcome, and invited. This was the right place to be, and I can confidently say I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”