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Career Area: Education and Training
Technical Diploma
Program Number: 30-812-1
Approximately Less Than 1 Year to Complete
This is based on full-time enrollment. Actual time to completion may vary based on the availability of courses a college offers and the number of credits the student takes in any given time period.
Credit Program
Most credit programs are eligible for financial aid, while most non-credit certificates provide valuable work-related skills on a short timeline. Check with the college offering the program to determine if it is eligible for financial aid.

Driver Safety Education Careers

Recent Wisconsin job postings for this degree:

  • Driver Education classroom teacher
  • Driver Education in-car teacher


Driver Safety Education Programs

The Driver Safety Education Certification program provides training to instruct Driver Education within public, private, commercial and Technical Colleges throughout the state. Students will learn to teach the goals and outcomes of driver and traffic safety education. These goals include in-car instruction, including observation, curriculum development and practical experience behind-the-wheel; curriculum information selection, development and use, with observation and teaching activities and classroom curriculum development; problems of alcohol, drugs and addiction, the effects of physiological, psychological and sociological aspects, as well as how education programs are utilized within our community and schools; behavioral aspects in accident prevention using concepts and methods to understand the impact on unsatisfactory driver-related attitudes and behaviors; and basic concepts and principles of safety and loss prevention, with an emphasis on various teaching techniques relating to school and roadway safety and risk awareness.

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